Vulneratus non Victus

Welcome to our family!

Hi! I’m Matt (The chunky one in the middle). So glad you dropped in. These are my boys JohnDaniel (JD) and Toby, and my wife Dani. JD is an artist, Toby is a chef, Dani is a nurse, and I’m a writer. We wanted to say hello because it’s easy to get isolated on accident these days.

We’ve met so many families who are suffering in silence: stress and pressure, loss and grief, childhood trauma, depression, hidden abuse, broken relationships, mental health issues, addiction, identity questions, spiritual disillusionment, etc. And we would never have known about all that pain from their social media threads.

We’ve been through some crazy dark times over the last decade too, and are emerging, against the odds, with hope. Would you be interested in building an online community of hope with us?

Our roots…

Welcome to Elim.

My dad resigned his pastorate and moved us here when I was 14. It’s the campus of an old Pentecostal Bible School that sews an idea into your spiritual DNA: that God is on the move today, that people all over the world are lost and dying without God, and that each of us are invited to play a part in God’s cosmic plan to spread the message of Jesus to the ends of the earth.

That vision of Jesus’ Love still animates my bones today. But along with many of my millennial evangelical peers who sought to follow the Lord into our postmodern era, I buckled under a hard-to-name friction. I found myself walking away, disillusioned, harboring secret doubts and disagreements. Maybe you have as well?

Part of my story has been to reconnect with my heritage, to find beauty here in my particular tribe. I’ve been welcomed despite the headaches I bring. That may not be your experience. If you are disconnected from your spiritual family of origin, or hanging on by your fingernails while ignoring an avalanche of uncomfortable questions, maybe you could find a community here, online.

1 Tribe, 3 Parts:

Elim Bible Institute & College
Elim Fellowship
Elim Gospel Church

Our journey…

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Our hope…

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