Vulneratus non Victus is the family crest from my wife Dani’s Irish heritage. It means Wounded but not Conquered, which is an idea I have taken as my own. It’s a combination of vulnerability and indomitable resilience that I would not have envied as a young man, but I’ve found solace, wisdom, compassion, and the growth of new life as I have walked it’s path.

Vulneratus.com is nothing yet but an aspiration to host vulnerability and resilience at the same time, particularly for those who have lumps in their Christian faith. Dani and I believe there are more folks like us than those who have identified themselves. Maybe you’re one of them – suffering silently by pretending everything’s OK, or walking away from your faith over time, until what was once your spiritual family is nothing but a hollow absence anymore.

Whether you’re still going to church or not, we hope you’ll find Vulneratus to be a glass of cool water. We don’t know what it will grow into, but we’re open. And if you’re open too, even just a little bit, especially to the possibility of God, then it doesn’t much matter what doubts, fears, griefs, questions, defenses, triggers, struggles, or rages you have, you’ll fit right in.

(We plan to develop this site in June of 2020. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need some encouragement feel free to shoot me an email: matthewbdrake@gmail.com.)

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